Young Innovation Agricultural Center (Nigeria)

The pilot project "Young Innovation Agricultural Center (YIAC)" aims to create employment opportunities in the agricultural value chain primarily for young people in small communities, thereby contributing to food and labour security.

Furthermore, we want to support surrounding smallholder farmers to generate a higher yield and serve as buyers of their products.

Sewing Initiative (Nigeria)

Eurafrican-Alliance promotes non-profit projects in Africa. In particular, we look for sustainable projects that create long-term jobs in communities. This is the mission we pursue with the Sewing Initiative in Nigeria.
We plan to offer young people on-site labour market opportunities in the textile value chain. The sewing school in connection with the production offers not only the prospect of learning a trade, but also a permanent job. We expect that this solution will increase the purchasing power of the inhabitants thus growing the community economically. In addition, it will reduce poverty in the community. 

Computer Workshop

Under the motto - "Preparing for Industry 4.0 - Digital transformation programmes for the non-privileged", our partner organisation in Nigeria Wordite launched the Computer Training Workshop on Friday, 19.06.2020. In the kick-off event, first interviews were conducted.

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Co-Vid 19 Emergency Aid

On 14.04.2020, Mrs. Cynthia Nweke, President of our partner organisation Wordite Humanitarian Initiative in Port Harcourt, asked for support.

Through Co-Vid 19, the people of Nigeria are in need. With the help of the Eurafrican Alliance, over 240 people were provided with basic food items such as rice and tomatoes.

Just two days after receiving the donation, Wordite implemented the project.