Co-Vid 19 Emergency Aid

Due to the current situation in Nigeria caused by the Co-Vid 19 crisis, we have implemented the Co-Vid 19 Emergency Aid project together with our partner organisation Wordite Humanitarian Initiative. 

On 14.04.2020, Eurafrican-Alliance supported Wordite Humanitarian Initiative in the realisation of the Co-Vid 19 Emergency Aid project.

Co-Vid 19 in Nigeria has left people in financial need.

"Food prices have increased tenfold. A fortnight ago, I bought 10 tomatoes for 100 naira, now I only have enough for one tomato," said Kay Eze from Portharcourt.

This is why Mrs. Cynthia Nweke, President of our partner organisation Wordite Humanitarian Initiative in Port Harcourt, has appealed for support. 

With the help of the Eurafrican Alliance, over 240 people were provided with basic food items such as rice and tomatoes.
Only two days after receiving the donation, Wordite implemented the project and sent the proof of use. The speed of execution was impressive.

"It is important to stick together in crisis situations," emphasises Emeka Ojukwu, Chairman of Eurafrican-Alliance.

"240 people went home today with a bag of rice (8kg) and 4 tins of tomato paste," said Community Leader, His Majesty, King Dr Bernard Fimie Koko.

Without the help of the volunteers, the project could not have been implemented.