Get involved!

Get involved! There are many ways to be part of Eurafrican Alliance and advance Africa.

Would you like to get involved and help decide?

As a member of the organisation,

  • you may attend the general meeting and thus have an influence on the events of the organisation.
  • you are part of our forum and can discuss development policy together, present your own projects, plan projects with other members and vote on them. The project with the most votes will be presented at the general meeting.
  • you will receive regular information about the organisation.

The annual membership fee is at least 60,- EUR (12 x 5,- EUR) for employed persons and 30,- EUR (12 x 2,50 EUR) for students, pensioners and unemployed persons.

Become a supporting member.

As a supporting member, you contribute to the implementation of our projects through your regular contribution. You will also receive regular information about the association.

Assist us with your donation.

Through your donation, projects that positively change an entire community can be completed. Make a donation yourself or start fundraising activities and collect for the sustainable projects of the Eurafrican Alliance. 

Spread the word.

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